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Maharaja Entertainments a subsidiary of the Capital Maharaja Organization continues to empower Sri Lankan artists & revolutionize the local music industry.

Since our inception in 1999, we have maintained a position of leadership in the import & sale of music and movies in original physical and digital formats. We continue to develop our strong strategic alliances with world’s majors in music & movies including Sony Music, Universal Music, Virgin EMI, Warner Music, Times Music, Venus Music, South Indian Digital Music Management Pvt. Ltd and many more. Association with our sister companies MTV & MBC networks have also added to our catalog strength.

Our strategic alliances with world’s majors in music made it possible for us to collaborate on and release Sri Lankan music on international labels thereby providing a much needed boost to our local music industry while providing an international platform to showcase Sri Lankan artists, and their talent.

Maharaja Entertainments is at the forefront of digital international music distribution in Sri Lanka. Our strong relationships with electronic and print media guarantee complete exposure for our artists. Also, unique content is produced in house via a highly talented team of musicians utilizing cutting edge technology and facilities. We are currently supplying both local and international content to all telecom companies in the island. We also provide content to Dhiraagu, the leading mobile operator in Maldives.

Orchard, the world’s largest digital distributor, as well as Google, are affiliated with ME and distribute our music and our artists via digital stores including itunes, media net, e music, Microsoft zune music, rhapsody, medianet, myspace, cricket communications Inc., amazon, google music & youtube

As we try to bring the talent of our artists to the forefront and give them the limelight and recognition they deserve we try to promote original music to our consumers by following ethical business practices. In that respect, our website www.me.lk will soon take the lead in offering original Sinhala music & movies worldwide.

We have a strong mandate to empower Sri Lankan artists and we use our international collaborators strength to recognize Sri Lankan talent and allow our country’s sound carry across international boundaries. Sri Lankan musicians in the M Entertainments family encompass the best of discovered talent and are given the recognition, opportunity, longevity and success through their association with us. .

Innovation has been our constant and ME has completely revolutionized the Sri Lankan music industry in terms of genre, distribution channels & production and distribution of music in all formats.

We lead the market with original quality, sound & talent as our artists see their dreams fulfilled and the Sri Lankan music industry is taken to a global platform.

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